Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's 2010 People!!

I can't recall if I've mentioned, on here, that I volunteer helping breastfeeding moms when I'm supposed to be cooking dinner in my spare time. I may only get one or two calls a month. Unless, that month has a major holiday or I have just given birth. Then my phone will ring nonstop and I'll have to order my children not to answer any number they don't recognize. (Please don't think I'm horrible, its just that it took twice as long to convince Hank that its bedtime than it did to write this paragraph. And I can hear he still doesn't believe me ;) Goldie blessed me by going to bed at 8, which means she'll wake up screaming any second. See, I need every minute in my day.)

Yesterday I decided to answer a call that I had already ignored once. Well, I must have taken too long navigating the farm animals and Zhu Zhu pets because I missed it again. So, I did what I never do, and called this unknown person to see what they needed.

It was indeed a breastfeeding help call. A grandmother calling for her daughter. She began describing a baby that, although full term, had medical complications and was transported to a NICU in a larger city. She seemed unsure of what to tell me or where to even begin. The mother had an emergency c-section and the nurses had refused to show her how to pump or get a lactation consultant to see her. That's when my DS mommy radar went up.

Me "I hope you don't mind me asking, but does the baby have a suspected diagnosis. Its unusual for a mother to not receive help after several requests."

Baby's Grandma "Well, yes he does."

Me "Its okay, I understand, I have a daughter with Down syndrome"

BG "Oh, that's what they think he has. You really do understand. I'm so glad I called you."

Do you get what happened to her daughter? The nurses decided that because her baby has DS "he won't be able to breastfeed anyway" or "it won't matter". Then again maybe they were too busy feeling sorry for her and didn't want to "burden" her with pumping for her baby. This story is very familiar to me. I have a friend who experienced the same thing almost 4 years ago when her daughter was born. It was a different hospital in a different state, but the same attitudes. That talk a friend and I gave last year, we need to keep giving it.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

IEP Evaluations

I thought I should take a brake from my babymoon for a quick update. The last 4 weeks have been fabulous. Hank is such a sweet and, dare I say, easy baby. My husband and I both agree that everything has just been way too easy this time around. For example, baby Hank was nursing within 30 minutes of his birth. He knew exactly what to do. And when to do it. No pumping, no finger feeder, no syringes. My first two were also very sleepy babies and I had a hard time keeping them awake to eat. Not this guy. The best part is that we know to appreciate all these little things. Part of me keeps waiting for his therapists to walk through the door. I keep reminding myself that our new arrival didn't come with an IFSP. Ha!

Speeking of Early Intervention Goldie's evals for her IEP are today. My husband was supposed to be home, but he has a new schedule and has to work. So, Grandma is watching the big girls while I take Goldie and Hank. And to make it even more fun, our appointment is the same as Goldie's naptime. She's asleep right now and she refused to eat lunch. This is the problem with scheduling things so far in advance.

I tried to get out of it by canceling last week. Let me explain why, Hank Sr. and I have been talking for the last couple months about what we want for Goldie next year. This included observing an inclusion preschool classroom. I was less than impressed. After discussing our various options, we have decided not to send Goldie to preschool next year. Originally, we were told that if we waited until September to send her that they would not provide her services and we would have to get them privately. Soooo, I thought if we weren't sending her to pre-k she wouldn't get services from the county. But, I got a phone call yesterday saying they would still provide. Funny how things change. When I gave my husband the new information he said "It feels like were dealing on a new car."

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Good things come to those who wait!

Here he is!

Baby Hank arrived on Dec 29th at 2:32 AM. He weighed 7lbs 11oz and is 20 1/4" long. Not the peanut we thought he was. Everything went as planned and he is doing fabulous. His big sisters are always holding him and Goldie warms up a little more to him each day. She doesn't seem very jealous, just a little hesitant. I'm taking my job of resting very seriously and soaking up every minute with my 4th baby that I can!