Monday, February 21, 2011

So Smart!

Goldie was folding laundry today and came across a dress with little hearts all over it. One of the girls at Children's Hour has the same dress and wore it on Wednesday for the Valentine's Party. Goldie wore a different dress, but I still pointed out what her friend had on.

Sooo, I asked Goldie, "Who has the same dress and wore it to Children's Hour?"

Goldie replied, "Sydney, Sydney!"

Heck yeah! I always wonder how much she can remember. It's sooo hard to tell when a child has a speech delay and isn't able talk about their day and events like a typical child. So nice to have a little peak as to what she is taking in.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Down Syndrome Research Plan

DownSyndrome Achieves has recently held two web conferences on the abandonment of DS research. Now there's a title that gets your attention! I wasn't able to fully view either one, but the bottom line is that DS research is grossly underfunded and their is a huge disparity between the amount of funding that goes to fund Down syndrome research versus other conditions. You can sign up for more information at .

I also found the National Institutes of Health Research Plan on Down Syndrome. It is an eighty page downloadable pdf. I have it downloaded to iBooks on my iPad for reading while Goldie is at therapy. Remember, information is power!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Research Study - Feeding Infants with Down Syndrome

Here is a link to a survey For biological mothers of children with Down syndrome. It doesn't take long to complete and is a great way to use your experience to further research for babies with Down syndrome.