Sunday, August 30, 2009

Post surgery update

Goldie's surgery went well. Her surgeon is very thorough and even had an ICU room reserved for her afterwards. This was a huge precaution considering Goldie has never been hospitalized or had any previous surgeries. However, this caused some confusion as to where we were supposed to go while she was in recovery. By the time her ICU nurse called the waiting room Goldie was awake and really ticked off. I could hear her screaming in the background!

We spent the night for observation and so Goldie could get IV fluids. The next morning we were given the option of moving to a new room and staying to see how Goldie was going to eat and drink or going home. At that point she was eating jello and asking for her drink so I thought she would do even better at home. I thought.

Now I'm rethinking, because it's been a constant battle to get anything in her. At least until Daddy came home from work. She insisted on eating pizza (no crusts) with him and he got her to eat some soup. Then her sister got her to eat some Jello. I think she associates me with the yucky medicine and doesn't want anything I have to offer? The top shelf of our fridge is full of half-eaten foods I've been offering her. I even leave food around the house, hoping she'll find it and start eating. My end table is now covered in some sticky smoothie my mom brought and I keep stepping on Jello. At this point she is still having a normal amount of wet diapers, so we'll see what tomorrow brings.

As far as pain goes, that seems to fluctuate throughout the day. She was miserable all afternoon, but had a really great evening. We'll just keep taking it one day at a time.


Sasha said...

Glad to hear that she is doing well and made it through everything okay.Hope the tommorrow gets easier for you

Mel said...

Glad to hear she's doing ok. Also glad to know I'm not the only house with food trails everywhere. Hope she's better soon :)

SunflowerMom said...

So glad to hear she is home and it went well. T & A recovery is rough. Do you read Life with 4 Kiddos blog? She has some interesting insight on recovery as an adult.

Hope Goldie keeps nibbling for you!

Jennifer said...

I'm glad everything went well. I've heard it can be rough for up to 2 weeks. I hope you (and Goldie) don't experience that, though!

Beverly said...

praying Goldie is feeling better soon. Glad it all went well. How has she been sleeping?