Friday, December 4, 2009

The Never Ending Search for Sleep

Its been 3 months since Goldie had her adenoids and tonsils out. Long story short, her sleep is worse than ever.

Eight weeks post op we were supposed to have another sleep study. I politely declined. Goldie seemed to be sleeping better, even though she is still a restless sleeper. I think it may be genetics and not the trisomy 21 kind. Its very common for me to be up with Goldie and hear one, or both, of her sisters talking in their sleep. Goldie has even started saying "No! No!" in her sleep.

Then, right at the eight week mark, I noticed Goldie's breathing was really noisy when putting her to bed. It sounded like she was getting a cold. Her sisters both had colds within a couple days. Even though nothing was draining from Goldie's nose, I used the saline drops and vaporizer trying to clear her congestion. That was 4 weeks ago. Since then we have tried antibiotics, herbal supplements, more drops with suction, and two antihistimines. Her breathing is still noisy and causing her to wake up all night. I called the ped today and she wants us to try a different type of antibiotic and if it hasn't improved by Monday to call back. I told her with the baby due soon, she would be seeing us either way!

I'm not crazy about giving her more antibiotics, but I thought we should try it before we head off to the ENT. And it doesn't help that she drinks just enough to survive. If this drags on until the baby arrives, I can always hope letting her nurse more will be the cure. Any other ideas?


Mel said...

Allergies? I know you are giving her antihistamines, but I believe dairy allergies can cause a constantly runny nose. Not sure if antihistamines help that, but they should? Luke's colds last forever. I prop up his cot to help his sinuses drain. Time would be my only real cure! Good luck. Sleep is in short supply around here too!

Beverly said...

I feel for you with having the other girls and the baby on the way and worrying about Goldie and her lack of sleep. I give Noah Zyertec at night and the nights I forget I can tell. I wish for Sound sleep for Noah and Goldie!