Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Goldie the Big Little Middle Sister

Her sisters call her the Little Middle Sister, but she is also one of Hank's big sisters. I think she loves all her sisterly roles. Goldie is almost always nice to Hank. We just have to watch because she will try to take care of him beyond what she is capable of. And I say "almost always nice" because there was the one day she dumped a glass of cold water on his head while he was sleeping. (Baptism - check.) Hey, it works to get rid of the cat.

So here are some pics I took this month of our Goldie girl.

Those are Hank's binkies in her mouth. I just wash them when she puts them down. I figure if we make a big deal out of it, she will too.


Mel said...

I LOVE the last two- what a precious big sister your little man has. So sweet :)

Beverly said...

oh my, she is too sweet. how lucky they are to have her and her them. beautiful