Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ka woop

Ka woop is how Goldie asked for more cantaloupe at dinner tonight.  She even put a little pause in between syllables. It was so cute, we kept coaxing her to say it. Twice was all we got.

Her speech therapist has been working on vocabulary with her. To be honest, I'm not sure why. Well, not really, I do know Goldie has to understand words before she can begin to use them. But, I don't know if the ST realizes how many words Goldie knows. I had also hoped to see more oral motor activities being done. I asked for a copy of the treatment plan so I can get a better understanding of what strategies she's using and the goals they are working towards. For what its worth, I really like the ST. I've been very impressed that she has high and appropriate expectations of Goldie.

In the mean time, I decided to start keeping track of just what words Goldie can say. I started yesterday counting only spoken words, no matter how hard they were to understand. I was blown away that she used 87 different words!! I had no idea she was using that many. Today we weren't as diligent, but I noticed a bunch of words that she didn't say yesterday, so tomorrow we are going to keep track again. I also think its important that most of these were said without prompting. She either initiated the conversation or repeated them after I used them in a sentence. Goldie is not a "performer" so the best way to know where she is developmentally is to watch and interact with her during normal family routines.


Karen said...

Darling! I love the ka woop!

Tausha said...

We did the same with Sam but it was sign language and he signs up to 40 signs, i was shocked. Yeah for all the words!!! Love the Ka woop. :-)