Thursday, October 14, 2010


Goldie has met some little milestones, some call these inchstones, that I need to document before I forget the details. She is 3 1/2 and moving full steam ahead toward 4!

- Goldie can dress and undress herself, even in her brother's clothes. She mastered this skill completely on her own, all I did was leave baskets of laundry around for her to practice. BTW, she can also fold washcloths, handtowels, and diapers.

- Last night, upon noticing that her sisters were dressed for bed, she walked upstairs, got her pajama top and matching bottoms out of her drawer, came back down and threw them at me.

- At dinner, she served everyone salad, with tongs. Weeks of climbing on the table to get second helpings has finally paid off.

- At Children's Hour, they ran out of tiny plastic cups for snack time. So the kids had to drink out of regular styrofoam cups. I just knew that Goldie would need help. She told me to go away and drank two servings of apple juice without spilling or choking!

- Before snack, they had a visit from the fire department. When they asked for a volunteer to demonstrate "stop, drop, and roll" Goldie walked up to the front of the group, dropped to the ground and rolled. She was saying roll the whole time, then she stood up and clapped for herself. All the volunteer fire fighters knew her name before they went home. ;)

- Wishes do come true, I have another little girl who loves Madeline. My oldest was all about Madeline, so I've been saving all the dolls and books hoping they would get some more love.

- When I was reading "line", as Goldie calls her new favorite story, I stopped several times (leaving off the last word) and she was able to complete the rhyme! Another first!

- Goldie is really into learning her colors. She loves to sign and say them. She can sort red, blue, yellow, and green. 


Loren Stow said...

I LOVED reading Goldies 'inchstones' - she sounds like she's doing so well and having fun in the process!! :)

Karen said...

Those are way bigger than inchstones - truly MILEstones. She's doing VERY well. And I love that she wowed the firemen. Go, Goldie!

Becca said...

What a great update!! Goldie's awesome! I love that Samantha likes to dress herself, too and that I can throw her socks at her as we're rushing out the door and tell her to put them on, and she will (this skill has not yet been perfected LOL). Sure takes some pressure off mommy! :-)

Cindy said...

Wonderful! :)

Mel said...

That's so great, I am truly impressed! I need to get Luke onto the whole dressing thing- no point even thinking about toilet training if he can't get his pants on and off I guess.

SunflowerStories said...

Love reading her inchestones! She is just blossoming!

Beth said...

I dunno, some of those inches are adding up to yardstick-stones. Getting dressed? Absolutely--that's a big one!

I was a Madeline fan when I was little, and was so happy when they made the dolls when Hannah was little. So glad you get a second chance to play with Miss Clavel!

I love hearing all about how Goldie is growing a learning!