Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Homeschooler with Down Syndrome Signing "It's About the Cross"

This video is from a mom on my "local" homeschoolers with special needs email list. She is graciously letting me share her beautiful daughter Abigail signing "It's About the Cross" by The Ball Brothers.

Sometimes it is hard for me to imagine Goldie's future, both near and distant, because there are so many possibilities on a path that is always changing. Just when I was lamenting over Goldie's lack of fine motor skills in relation to her signing, this popped up on my screen. Watching Abigail reminded me to just be patient and that there are bigger things than how well my daughter can sign.


*Tasha* said...

I was born deaf in both ears and raised with sign language; the cochlear implant was a new thing then so my parents didn't want to make a mistake. I watched this video and could understand Abigail. And, wow, it's nervewracking to perform in public in front of a lot of people. She did really well. :) Let her momma know it was a sweet video.

Also, you can adapt a LOT of signs for low muscle tone and still have them be understood by those who know sign. So there IS hope for that (as well as for a great many things!)

Amy said...

How beautiful!

doozee said...

it's not playing now...? Is it just my computer?