Thursday, May 7, 2009

Blood work do-over

When I took Goldie for her 2 year check-up, I made sure to get a script for her bloodwork. I asked for thyroid and CBC. We go to the Children's Hospital satellite because they are the only people I trust to stick my baby. Her arms are very chubby and they have to go by FEEL because you can't SEE the vein. Well, Goldie was awesome, but it took a loooong time to fill the tubes. I had a bad feeling about that. The next week I called to get the results and they told me her blood had clotted before it got to the lab,so we have to do it all over again. I hate checking something off my to-do list only to have it added back on. And they billed our insurance for it.

Instead of going back to the ped. for another script, I decided to wait until next week when we go the DS clinic and have them write up the order. I'm going to ask them to add the Celiac panel and zinc. Anything else? What do you check you kid's for?


Beth said...

Congratulations on the new baby! How exciting! It's going to be wonderful for Goldie to have a younger sibling!

Re: blood work, Hannah had hers drawn today...8 vials! It was crazy. Here's what we usually have done (I actually was going to make a post about blood labs today, but it's not going to happen. Maybe over the weekend.):
Full thyroid panel (TSH, T3, T4--and sometimes free t3 and free t4, but she has no thyroid issues, so I don't always argue for those)
Vit A (if you are using Nutrivene)
Vit D
amino acid profile

I don't know if the DS clinic will go for these, but it's worth a try.
The first 4 (plus thyroid) should be easy to get a prescription for.

Hope they treat the blood well this time! Try to give Goldie (and you!) extra fluids for the 24 hours prior so she's got lots of liquidity! I know that's not easy being pregnant and nursing...I always felt like my toddler was chewing on me because my mild supply was so low when pregnant.

Monica said...

That is such a bummer that they have to do it over again!!! I am writing down the extra things Beth wrote, we have always done thyroid, zinc,celiac,and CBC last time it came back that he was a little low in iron so maybe they do check for more than I was told. We do it yearly depending on readings this year we are going back in 6 months because of his reading. Good Luck and Thanks Beth~

Karen said...

Poor Goldie! It's horrid when they have to give blood again; it's not like they don't give often enough already. Micah absolutely hates it and it takes three nurses and myself to hold him down.

Wendy P said...

I'm so sorry she has to get stuck again! When Kira was a baby, it seemed like we were constantly having to have blood drawn.

Thanks for this post - I'm noting what others are asking for, too.

Hope you're feeling well at this point in your pregnancy!

Ria said...

Great post! I've noted what I should ask for too even if Matthew's 2nd year appt isn't til October. Thanks for asking the question.
That sucks that Goldie had to be stuck again. My son Matthew is a hard stick too. The nurse can never seem to find his veins. And it's so hard (and sad for me) to hold him down while they stick him.