Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

Here is the best picture I could get. Goldie wanted nothing to do with standing still, she was ready to go! Hank and his friend use a tractor drive the kids around with a trailer and some hay bales. I think that was Goldie's favorite part. After getting out for the first 5 houses she was done and I brought her home. Despite all the candy, all 3 girls were asleep by 9:30!

I wanted to update since my last post. Goldie's ped doesn't have the H1N1 shot. My PCP only had 4 left when I called and Goldie is not their patient so I couldn't get one for her. The health department said they don't know of anyone in this part of the state that has them and I was very lucky to get one myself.

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Karen said...

No way! Driving around on a hay ride to trick-or-treat! That's awesome. :)