Monday, February 21, 2011

So Smart!

Goldie was folding laundry today and came across a dress with little hearts all over it. One of the girls at Children's Hour has the same dress and wore it on Wednesday for the Valentine's Party. Goldie wore a different dress, but I still pointed out what her friend had on.

Sooo, I asked Goldie, "Who has the same dress and wore it to Children's Hour?"

Goldie replied, "Sydney, Sydney!"

Heck yeah! I always wonder how much she can remember. It's sooo hard to tell when a child has a speech delay and isn't able talk about their day and events like a typical child. So nice to have a little peak as to what she is taking in.

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Becca said...

Wonderful!!! Yes, I remember thinking the same thing about Samantha, wondering what she was retaining. It's such a relief to realize that they sure do know what's up!! :-)