Friday, March 18, 2011

Goldie Knows the Alphabet

One thing I've learned is that Goldie is not a performer. She does not like to be tested on what she knows. A couple nights ago, Goldie got out her alphabet letters, so I grabbed the camcorder on the off chance that she would show off for me. I got lucky! Her are a couple videos of her identifying the letters of the alphabet. Part 2 includes some lowercase letters. You'll notice that instead of naming a couple of the vowels she tells me what sound they make.

Warning: the lighting is poor, her pajamas mismatched and the slip cover for our couch was in the laundry, but this is real life with 4 kids!


Tricia said...

Georgy is absolutely not a performer either! So cute to see Goldie on video!

Laura said...

LOL! My videos are the same! Messy hair, old clothes, kids never perform when they look neat & tidy! She is such a cutie regardless of the mismatched pj's!

Congrats to you & Goldie! It is so exciting for me to see her read the alphabet!

Ruby's Mom said...

You are doing such a good job with Goldie! Wow! Great job Goldie!
That was cute how Hank was trying to get in on it. :)