Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Birthday! Goldie is 4

Goldie had a birthday last week! If you ask how old she is she will proudly hold up four fingers and say "four". After some practice she is even able to get her little thumb against the palm of her hand instead of behind her fingers. I never thought I would enjoy life's little details so much!

My favorite moment from her birthday this year: Goldie had done something she's not allowed, I don't remember what, and I was explaining why when out of nowhere she says, "Birthday. Four." and rooooolls her eyes. Like "Hello Mom, it's my birthday, I can't be in trouble. I get a free pass today!" Of course I cracked up after that, probably reinforcing whatever behavior I was trying to correct.

The last year has brought some big accomplishments! I'll list a few that I can think of off the top of my head.
- looking out for her brother (she was yelling "hurt" at him tonight as the went after an electric cord!)
- learning all the letters of the alphabet, upper and lowercase!
- asking and answering questions
- dressing herself
- beginning to sight read
- she can identify 9 different shapes and 10 colors
- growing tall enough to sit on the swing without help
- potty training, it has been over a month since we quit the pull-up habit!
- blowing bubbles
- turning door knobs

Wow! Just looking at this list has me excited for what the next year may bring!


Becca said...

Happy birthday, Goldie!!!! Wow, what an impressive list of accomplishments this past year!!!! Amazing!

doozee said...

Sorry I'm late - but happy, happy birthday, Goldie! That IS an impressive list. She is such a cutie too. What a beautiful beauty she is blossoming into!

Ruby's Mom said...

Very belated but Happy Birthday to Goldie!
Exciting list of accomplishments!

Michelle said...

I can't believe how grown up she's looking! Happy belated 4th birthday to Goldie! Great list of accomplishments and yay on the potty training!