Sunday, February 8, 2009

Special Needs Family

Technically speaking Goldie is the first and only member of my immediate family diagnosed with a syndrome that puts her in the special needs category. Since she was born, I've thought to myself MANY times that we all have special needs. Spending time with a variety of therapists who let me pick their brains has confirmed this.

Lets start with Hank and Swatcho. I'm convinced they both have ADHD. I'm sure its genetic because his mom and grandfather exhibit the same traits.(If you know anyone doing a study give us a call) Hank is physically unable to sit still. I have no idea how he made it through school. He says he paid people to do his homework so he could work after school. Then,there are the times he goes completely overboard. For example, he went to buy seeds for our garden last year. We only needed some pumpkin and green pepper seeds. He spent $80! WTH? I was only able to talk him into returning $40 worth. I only send him to the store as a last resort now.

Swatcho has been on the move as long as I can remember. Or not, because I don't actually remember her first steps. They were early and it was just the beginning of many trips to the ER. Broken leg 18 months, split chin 2yrs, stitches in big toe at 2 1/2yrs, and broken arm when she was 5. The arm was fun. She had to go to PT twice a week and we had therapists coming to the house for Goldie.I freak out now anytime she does anything remotely dangerous looking. Swatcho is also my sensory seeking child. She loves jumping, spinning, swinging, bike riding, etc...

So for a while I thought Mini Me was the "typical" one. But, alas, no such luck. I'll spare you all the details today, but let's just say she can't follow directions. I've tried everything. I realized it was a problem when I saw it impacting her school work. She knows the material, but can't remember the steps to complete a problem or answer a test question. One of her teachers has developed a low perception of her because of this. (thats a whole nuther post)

Hank came home today and said he thinks I should look into Executive Function Disorder. Yup, that's my girl. And she probably got it from me. But, when we were kids expectations were lower. I didn't have the amount of stuff to keep track of that she does, and I mean both toys and school work. I can also see why I have always kept our schedule so open. Too many things on the calendar and I get overwhelmed. There are weeks I think the whole therapist thing is going to put me over the edge. I'm thankful for them, but at the same time just want to be done with it already.

So there it is. Now, how do I organize our home lives so everyone's needs are met? Do I pursue a formal diasnosis for any of this or just implement strategies to help them be successful? I've started by boxing up some of Mini Me's toys and 2 bags of clothes. She had the idea that she could trade items so she doesn't have too much stuff out at once. I also do this with Goldie's toys to cut down on the mess.

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SunflowerMom said...

You know, once I learned about Ds, I started learning more about other SN. I always feel like I am on the look out for it in others. Especially my oldest. He was so high needs and has so many quirks that I often wonder if there is a dx hiding in him.

I am currently considering whether or not I have PP depression. I keep reading up about it and trying to dx myself!

You know, I always feel better in a less cluttered space and with a more open schedule. I hate feeling confined by time and objects. I always thought this was a good thing?!