Friday, February 27, 2009

Building On Our Children's Strengths

I read a post at The Rocking Pony which had a link to this great video called Animal School. It felt like a gentle reminder that I need to keep trusting my mother's intuition.

Mini Me is getting a little help in math from her principal. But, I decided to let her focus on what she loves at home. I took her to the library to get some books and bought a book we can both read while I was at Target this week. I was honest with the principal. I told him my one on one time with her is precious and I'm not going to spend it doing math facts. I thanked him for understanding my job as her mom and our needs as a family.

Then, she devoured the library books. I bought her an American Girl book at Barnes & Noble this weekend (yes, I need help with my book addiction) and she made quick work of that one, too. The other book I bought was the young reader's version of Three Cups of Tea. I was looking for a book for myself, but thought this would be a better purchase. Less money and we can both read it. It also has pictures and maps that aren't in the adult version.

Here's a picture from about 5 years ago! She'll be 10 this week so I'm allowed to reminisce.

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