Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The number of ounces Goldie drank from a cup today! Finally! See, while Goldie can eat pretty much anything, she has a tough time managing liquids in her mouth. We've tried straws, open cups, water bottles, and sippies. She can get the water in, but it streams (or spurts)back out or her eyes get big, she sputters and chokes. I think because of this she became a very reluctant drinker. Who wants to feel like they're drowning? Up until recently I wasn't too worried about it because she nurses so much. But, now it means she nurses sooo much. The mim mims were her main source of liquids.

Then, this evening, I put a little too much salt on the popcorn and she guzzled 3 ounces of blueberry tea. (The PT laughed when I told her that's what I put in her cup. Seriously though, I make it myself so its cheap, has less sugar than juice and more flavor than plain water.) Her cup of choice is an Avent sippy with the soft spout. Once she is drinking consistently we can work on the straw thing. Goldie has also been signing drink and making the k sound.

And for dinner tonight, we had curried chicken. I thought it was a tad spicy (my tounge is delicate) but Goldie likes her food with flavor! That, she gets from her Dad. He's never met a hot sauce he couldn't handle. I can see them eating hot wings together some day.


Lisa said...

Good job, Goldie! I actually bought a couple different types of sippies - including the Avent one you have there - to try with Finn at some point. I have tons of breastmilk in the freezer from when I was pumping when he was in the NICU and I figure at some point I should try to give it to him in a cup since he won't take a bottle.

Ruby's Mom said...

Way to go,Goldie!

JaybirdNWA said...

That is good that she is improving on the cup. Good job, Goldie! It's fun wathcing them learn new things.

SunflowerMom said...

Way to go, Goldie! I was just eyeing all the cups we have tried and thinking it needs to be purged!