Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Swallow Study

Hank and I took Goldie for her swallow study today. She did incredibly well! Which is good and bad. Its good that she is capable of swallowing safely, because she did it for them. But, I swear she aspirates 90% of the time she has a drink. So they managed to catch her the other 10% of the time. They think it may have something to do with her head posture, so now I have to keep a journal for a week so we can figure out what will work. Her head needs to be tilted down through the entire suck and swallow when drinking from a straw. I wish they had thought to have her drink with her head up while they were doing the test. Oh well.

After we got to the van, Hank tells me that they asked him if she had trouble sleeping. He said, "Yes, she has a sleep study next week" They said to let them know how it goes. I'm wondering if they saw some reflux and that led them to ask about her sleep? I'll ask when she calls next week.

Another good thing, there was no negativity toward Goldie still breastfeeding. She asked if I planned to wean her or continue after the baby comes. I told her I would like for Goldie to keep nursing after the baby arrives. She wrote it down in her paperwork and moved on to the next topic. It was nice not to have my decision questioned or looked down on.

As for myself, I started taking Unisom on Sunday and I feel like a different person. Not back to my old self but almost!


Beverly said...

happy all went good. I know, I always remember questions after we leave. I think it is great Goldie is still nursing. I think it helps our kids so much. happy you are feeling a little better.

Ruby's Mom said...

It's so wonderful that you are able to continue nursing Goldie!I'm having a breastfeeding cover-up giveaway over at my blog if your interested :)I hope everything gets figured out about Goldie's swallowing issues.

Monica said...

I'm glad the swallow study went so well, I'll keep my fingers crossed for the sleep study!!!! Adam did have a sleep study 2 years ago, it came out normal, though he still is up every night!! But, he does have silent reflux. I know that is some of it, the other sadly I think it is now just a habit for him.

Glad your feeling a little better!! Take care!

Mel said...

Sounds like a good appointment. I'm still feeding Luke, who is 17 months old. Good on you I say- so many benefits, including for vision. You would think they would encourage it.

T21 Traveling Afghan said...

I commend you for your decision! Way to go!!! I'm glad everything went well!

SunflowerMom said...

Glad she did well for the study. Stinks that they didn't get to see what you see most of the time. That's great that they had a neutral attitude about bfing. I'm so glad you are feeling better!