Thursday, June 25, 2009

Goldie's Drinking Journal

Thought I would post what I have so far of the journal I'm keeping in regards to Goldie's drinking and swallowing. I definitely see a pattern emerging.

Goldie took a couple sips with her chin tucked and did well. At dinner she was holding her cup and drinking with her head up. A lot of liquid came back out of her mouth and she started coughing.

Goldie was not very interested in drinking today. Before bed her sister made a glass of chocolate soymilk and let Goldie try some. When we made Goldie her own cup she drank most of it with a straw. She did well drinking with her chin tucked. She sat on the living room floor and was able to hold her cup in front of her chest by herself.

Not interested in drinking this morning. I think my milk supply is increasing because she was nursing a lot and had two very wet diapers.
Goldie woke up thirsty from her afternoon nap. She took a long drink of juice (chin tucked) and did well. She continued to drink well throughout the afternoon and dinner.
She was eating dinner in her highchair. I have to hold her cup off to the side so it is low enough for her to drink safely. When she held the cup herself, above the tray, she began coughing and pushed her drink at me.

Prior to the swallow study we didn't know that her chin needed to be down throughout the entire suck and swallow. I would offer her drink lower so she would have to bend down, but I wasn't making sure she held that position until she finished swallowing. I'm thinking that drinking from an open cup will be tricky until she outgrows this. Less mess for me, right?!


Jennifer said...

At least straw drinking seems to work well. You can get a cup and straw just about anywhere you are, so at least it will be convenient. Aidan can use an open cup, but we still use straws all the time. We love the First Years Take N Toss straw cups (we use them over and over).

I hope this is something she will outgrow. Is that likely, or is it something you will all have to worry about forever?

Brandie said...

The ENT said she'll grow out of it. She already does much better than a year ago when all the liquid ran right back out of her mouth!