Friday, February 5, 2010

New Words

After Hank was born, over 5 weeks ago, Goldie pretty much stopped talking. She resorted to whining and only using the words Mama and Dada. Because she needed to get our attention before she began whining at us.

This week she has been amazing me with the words. Not only is she saying more words, but her speech is getting clearer. This blog also serves as my record of her milestones, so I'm going to bore you with the details.

Goldie refolded some laundry for me and I asked her "What happened here?" She replied very carefully, "I did that."

At lunch we ate "am" (ham) Her shoes are "white"

Tonight she was dividing her time among several baby dolls. Then I noticed that she was making one of them wave his hand while she said "bye". A lot of her words sound like "bah", but it was cute to see her bending the baby's arm.

She gives her little brother fist bumps and was blowing raspberries in his face today. If he is crying and you don't get him settled down fast enough, Goldie will find a binky for him.

Another thing that I noticed, she stopped looking at her books after he arrived. She also wasn't very keen on letting me read to her. The last couple of days she has resumed emptying the bookshelf. I found her engrossed with her books, pointing at the pictures and signing to herself. Its so nice to see that she has made progress beyond what she was doing when Hank was born.


Mel said...

Wow, sounds like being a big sister suits Goldie :) I had a discussion with our SLT on Thurs, and we agreed that the idea at this stage for Luke is to acknowledge that he is saying things, and encourage that. We can sort out the clarity later. I think he and Goldie are on the same page with that!

SunflowerMom said...

How nice! I hope she is feeling more settled in with having a sibling. I imagine it is a very confusing experience to a little one.

When E was born, Sean wouldn't come near her or I for a couple days, then gradually warmed to her.

Last night I watch a video of Payton talking on Life w/ Bubba, Chickie & Nika and it made me think about how far Sean's speech has come. I went back and watched a video of him talking at 3 and was so amazed to see what gains he's made when at times they seem so small.

Keep up the good work, Goldie!

Karen said...

A new baby is such an adjustment to everyone, but it sounds like she is making up for lost time quickly.

Beverly said...

so exciting for Goldie. she is such a big gril

Katy said...

It's nice when they get back a skill that's been "lost." Mine had one word--yeah--and right now it's MIA. I'd love to get it back, but I'm not holding my breath.

Beth said...

Sorry I've been MIA in my blog reading. I love this. Goldie needed some gestation of her own while she sorted out the new world order in the house. It sounds like she's come back stronger than ever!

I have often found that kids do have a spurt of development soon after a change in routine, whether than be a vacation or a new baby in the house.

Love all her new words (and the birth story too)!