Wednesday, February 3, 2010

When I Wasn't Looking

New babies are such a savory distraction from "life as usual". And while this mama was staring at new gray eyes and enjoying the aroma of milk breath her little girl learned some new tricks.

In the last two days I have found Goldie inhaling spices from opened jars and tonight we cleaned up a bottle of A1 sauce. It seems somebody has taught herself to unscrew lids.

While nursing Hank last week, I look over to see Goldie walking up the steps, unassisted. Her daddy swears she's been doing this for a while now.

The puzzle she insisted she wasn't ready for last week, it was completed with perfection today. Just for her OT.

When I ask "Who took Goldie's clothes off?" The answer is Goldie.

And when I say "Hey, thanks for putting Goldie's boots on." The response is "I didn't. She did."

But, I haven't missed everything. While I was watching my oldest spin around with Goldie hanging over her shoulder, I heard "I want down!"

Yesterday, while we were rolling playdough she said "Grace", her big sister's name, for the first time.

And when I look at this picture, Im reminded that "3" is just around the next bend.


Mel said...

How gorgeous! Don't you just love it when your kids surprise you like that. Way to go Miss Independent!

SunflowerMom said...

How exciting! WTG, Goldie!

Lisa said...

Such a beautiful girl. Good work, Goldie!

Beverly said...

how exciting! She is such a big girl in that photo.