Sunday, March 1, 2009

I always forget to write down the cute, witty things my kids say because I think I'll remember them. Then...well, you probably know how it goes. So, I thought I'd blog some things Goldie did this week before I forget.

As I've mentioned her fave food lately is popcorn. For a couple weeks the only time she would sign "more" was for popcorn. My mom sent a fresh supply of popcorn over and Goldie heard me announce this and got all excited. I told her when I was done cleaning up I would make some. A couple minutes goes by when she starts signing "more" and pointing at an empty cool whip container on the counter. I wasn't sure what she wanted so I picked her up and she starts lunging at the container. Hmmm.

That's when I remembered that 3 weeks ago my mom made some flavored popcorn and brought it over in that same container! So, her memory is better than mine?

Friday Goldie had her speech eval. The ST had some cards with drawings of people doing things on them. She asked if I thought Goldie could point to the correct picture if we named the action. I was curious so I said ask her and we'll see.

ST: Goldie, point to the picture of someone sleeping
Goldie: Kisses drawing of sleeping baby

ST: Can you point to the person eating? Where is the person eating?
Goldie: Licks the drawing of the girl eating ice cream

ST: Point to the person building with blocks
Goldie: Kicks the book

She cracks me up! We've been teaching her to kick towers of blocks, but I think she was just ready to be done with the eval.


Ruby's Mom said...

OMG.That's so funny she kicked the book:)

Monica said...

I love it!!! Too funny~

Beth said...

That's great!

SunflowerMom said...

Awesome job, Goldie! Yep, she's a clever one!