Monday, March 9, 2009

One got glasses and one had a birthday!

Swatcho got glasses last week.

This baby turned 10!

She wanted to celebrate by going to see the horse exhibit at the museum and having stuffed grape leaves for dinner.

We rolled out 70 of those sought after, sour creations. Well, the Birthday girl didn't start rolling until the end was in sight and there's no pic of the finished meal because we ate them. Quickly. Goldie has eaten them before, but wasn't in the mood this time.

Goldie has a Birthday and an eye Dr. appt this week. This is with a new doc and I'm hoping he can answer some questions we've had about Goldie's vision and nystagmus.

This is her after the museum. Yes, she is still rear facing. Her sisters are way more entertaining than the back of my head. Plus, I'm clinging to every last morsel of her babyhood.


Wendy P said...

My daughter saw the picture of your daughter in her new glasses and said, "Ma Ma". Check out my following your blog pic and you'll see why.

I enjoy reading your blog - thanks so much for doing it!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday all around! Love the glasses, too. She looks good.

Ruby's Mom said...

Happy Birthday,girls! I love the glasses:)

Beverly said...

Happy Birthday!!! Love her new glasses, she looks good in them!

Monica said...

Happy Birthday to both girls!! I love the glasses too!!

SunflowerMom said...

How sweet! I like the new specks! HB to both your girls!

Michelle said...

I thought the baby picture was Goldie at first! Hope she had a happy birthday! What are stuffed grape leaves like??

And I still have Ruby rear-facing, too. I figure I'll turn her forward when the winter is over & the roads aren't so icy. Maybe. She's still content and comfortable as she is.