Thursday, March 19, 2009

Taking care of Me.

This week I actually spent some time doing things for myself. Imagine that.

My favorite thing to do is get my hair cut. Well, I took it a step further and had it colored, too. I'm not ready to deal with the gray. I don't know why. Generally, I'm very low maintenance. I don't wear nail polish. ever. I seldom wear makeup. But, my hair, I love getting my hair done.

I walked twice this week. One day I even made it to the neighbor's to see my future son-in-law. :) He is doing great since his heart surgery and is now off all medication. Can I just tell you how sweet it was to hold him and check out his cute little fingers and toes? His mama is also completely in love with him. The next day I walked with my another neighbor. I admitted to her that I am over this whole DS thing. Not in the good, I'm ok with it way. I'm talking about the I'm sick and tired of therapists and milestones kinda way. Sooo...

Today, Hank and I left the girls with my mom and headed to Amish country. I called the OT in the morning and told her she would be meeting Goldie and her grandma. It felt so liberating. I have been present and participated in every therapy session for 2 years. I think a day off was in order, don't you?

The plan was to go to Volant, PA and get Goldie more of her popcorn that she loves and look for bar stools and bunk beds. I'd been to the town of Volant before, but had never seen the surrounding community (or I would have brought my camera). Seeing the little girl in her purple dress hanging clothes, the boy about 7 years old pumping water from a well and farmer after farmer plowing his fields with horses, not tractors made me long for a simpler life. My kids will be lucky if I don't throw out every piece of plastic along with all the Hannah Montana crap in the trash tonight. Also, I love the way they tie the corn stalks up like little teepees, just like in the Little House books. I felt like such a tourist, even though I wasn't that far from home. We stopped at an Amish farm with a quilt shop and bought a gift for my mom and a bonnet for the girls. The kind woman who owned the shop gave us directions to a furniture maker. His shop is going to make us bar stools for a very reasonable price and we may put money down for bunk beds when we go back. They had catalogs from their suppliers they showed us so we could choose what kind of backs and spindles we wanted on the chairs. So, they order their materials just like any furniture maker would. I guess I had this vision of them hand carving spindles or something.

Goldie is out of luck, I couldn't find her special popcorn. I'll probably order it online, the shipping is less than what we spent on gas today. It was such a peaceful day. Hank pointed out that we haven't spent that much time alone together in years. Sad, I know. Getting away for the day really makes me evaluate what I need to focus on. I don't want to be Amish, but I want the simplicity. I know my life was simpler before DS set up camp in my living room. I want to get that back, without neglecting Goldie's (or anyone else's) needs. IFSP is coming up. I have to decide how much of what she's going to get. Hmmmm.


Jennifer said...

My husband and I talk about simplicity all the time, but somehow it never happens. Especially with stuff- we have so much "stuff." I hope you achieve it - good luck.

COOLWHIP said...

I am jealous. I would LOVE to live close enough to go to Amish counrty. Maybe it's a good thing I don't, I would be tempted to leave this all behind and join them.
I too was so glad when Eva was done with EI. I was done with tests and therapists and all the other stuff I needed to do for her, that I didn't really see much benifit to.

Beverly said...

Oh, I love Volant! Beautiful yes! It is great you got some me time! I need more of that.

Monica said...

Sounds like an amazing day!!! Sometimes the best therapy for our kids is just "living" especially when they have siblings and great hands on parents like you..........Just my opinion :)

JaybirdNWA said...

We also strive for the simple life but it is difficult with a house full of kids and demanding jobs. So far we have managed to live without TV which has done wonders for our family time. The demands of life just seem to build up over time and sometimes getting away alone or with my spouse helps to regroup.

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