Monday, July 20, 2009

ENT Appointment, AAI x-ray

Goldie's ENT appointment went really well. He answered most of my questions before I could even ask them. He wants her to stay overnight, so I didn't have to ask for that. We discussed the possibility that her stay could be longer if getting fluids in her becomes a problem. I really like this doctor, he was very attentive to our conversation and thoughtful in his responses.
Goldie's apnea is in the mild range so he feels the surgery should eliminate most of it. Her tonsils are big, not huge, but big enough to cause the mild sleep apnea she experiences. Of course this can vary on any given night depending on what position she sleeps in or if she is sick.
After our appointment they were able to do her bloodwork and her AAI x-ray before they closed at 5:00! I was impressed.
I'm not able to hold Goldie for the x-ray, but Hank was supposed to meet us. However he was still at work in another state. So, a nurse held Goldie while I waited in the hall. In the hall was the computer that the x-ray pictures come up on. I immediately noticed a gap between her first and second vertebrae. Of course I have no idea how much of a gap is normal, so I've been worried sick ever since we left. I asked how soon her x-ray would be read and was told tomorrow. I was not going to ask the tech. Lesson learned from the sleep study. I am praying everything is ok. My mind always imagines the worst case scenario. The funny thing is, if I wasn't unexpectedly pregnant I wouldn't have pushed the sleep issue and she wouldn't have had her x-ray until next year. So, if its normal I can relax, and if it's not we'll be glad we know so we can keep her safe and do whatever else is necessary.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Praying everything is normal for sure!!! 4.5mm is normal, they usually let kids with Ds go to 5.5 before they'll operate... depends on the surgeon. Praying her surgery for her T&A goes well!!!

Monica said...

I am glad you have an ent that you are happy with, that is huge!!! I know that was a big factor in our decision to remove Adam's T&A. We'll pray for good news with the x-ray, that was very wise of you not to ask the tech, even though I know this, I always ask questions and always regret it :)

Beth said...

Glad the ENT went well. Did he say that they'd do a follow up sleep study a few months after the surgery?

Hoping that the AAI comes out just fine. Did you see the x-ray that had her chin to chest? In that case you would see the largest gap that there is. Hannah has 5 mm, which is borderline--they say that she isn't at risk (like Kennedy was), but she has to take precautions. No horseback riding or skiing or gymnastics. It's not a really big deal.

I'll be back to read your next post to get the results!

Lisa said...

I'll be sending positive vibes your way... and just wanted to stop by and say I found your blog tonight and I'm looking forward to following it!

Beverly said...

Happy all went well with ENT. Who do you have? We loved Dr. Chi at Children's North. Praying for AAI results to be good.

Jennifer said...

It sounds like you have a great ENT. I hope the x-rays are normal!! At least you'll catch it early if it's not!