Monday, July 13, 2009

Little Things

Goldie's done some really cool things this today and yesterday. They actually aren't so "little" to us.

1. She can not only climb the ladder to the slide and go down by herself, but she climb the slide. It was hysterical! She made the funniest noises as she worked her way up and we cheered. I got the camcorder and of course the battery was dead.

2. We went for a walk tonight and ran into the neighbor (about 30 ft from her house- this is important later) whose little boy also has DS. Goldie has not been to their house since fall. We decided to walk with her back out to the end of the road, almost a mile. On our way back, when we reached her house, Goldie looks at her and starts waving and telling her bye-bye. She knew it was her house! The thing is, she wasn't stopping at her house, so there was no talk of good-byes. Either Goldie knew we were in the general area where we met her or she has picked up on who lives where from our conversations in the van. Makes me wonder what else is going on in her head that I don't know about!

3. She put 2 signs together for the first time. I started teaching Goldie her letters by using the Starfall website. B is her favorite. I like the large, easy to read type for her. I knew the letter C had some nice big pictures that would be easy for her to see. Well, the cat page has a little cat that runs around the screen at the end and she just couldn't get enough of it. She kept signing "more cat"!


Mel said...

Wow! That's SO exciting! Way to go Goldie. Don't you just love it when your kids surprise you like that?

Wendy P said...

Those are all awesome!!! Woo-hoo Goldie!!

Great idea using starfall - I always forget about that site.

Lisa said...

Those little things sound like big things to me! Way to go, Goldie!!

Beverly said...

Way to go Goldie! We love starfall too.

Monica said...

YEEAAAA Goldie!! You go girl!!!! And why is it that every time I go for our camcorder the batteries are dead??!! Glad to hear I'm not alone :)

Ria said...

Way to go Goldie!! Exciting times!!