Thursday, October 8, 2009

Electric fences

For 3, maybe 4, months a year our property borders an electric fence. It is about 8 feet from our chickens and the garden. It is so beautiful to get up and have coffee while watching a newborn calf nurse from his mother. I love it here. My children are growing up in the same house I did and playing in the same yard I did. Hank grew up on a small farm, so this property was a good fit for him.

I slowly feel we are becoming our own small farm. There is always something that needs done. Like yesterday. I took Goldie outside to swing. While we were out I noticed the walnuts on the ground needed to be picked up so Hank could mow the grass. I walked over to get a wheelbarrow to put them in. While getting the wheelbarrow I see that the chickens need water. I take the bucket back to the house. While I'm dunking it in the rain barrel I turn to check on Goldie. She is headed toward the cow pasture. Despite my running and screaming, she beat me to it. By a mile. I felt like I was in a race against the electric current. This time we won. The fence wasn't working. (FYI, they don't deliver a continuous shock, it travels around the fence, which is very long. I've been shocked and it hurts, but it isn't dangerous, kwim?) The neighbor called later to see if everything was ok. She was outside and heard me yelling. I told her Goldie was fine, but I was very sore and would be spending the afternoon on the couch. I'm 29 weeks pg, not a good time to start sprinting.

I really believe inclusion begins at home, but I struggle with including Goldie and keeping my sanity her safe. She usually stands and watches the chickens while I get the water. Hank taught her to pull grass and feed it to them. This is very cute, but she's gotten her fingers pecked already.


Monica said...

I am so glad Goldie didn't get hurt!! Adam got zapped by an electric fence at the farmers, where we get eggs. He is now very very careful to stay away from the fence!!! Hope your not to sore!

Sasha said...

I am glad that the fence was not working. I can't imagine being pregnant and having to run like crazy. I am glad she didn't get hurt. Your place sounds amazing though.

SunflowerMom said...

Phew! I can imagine how hard that is to keep her safe from! It would be one thing if it was consistantly a risk that she grew up being constantly reminded of, but the off on thing has to make it hard for her to learn that it may or may not be safe.

It sounds like a wonderful place to grow up, though!

Karen said...

I know exactly what you're talking about. We didn't encourage Micah to come to the stable with us because of the fence. And the fact that he could get trampled because he has zero fear of the horses. And then I wonder, how much could/would he be able to do if I had included him earlier? It's a catch 22.

Beverly said...

So glad Goldie is ok. That would be scary. Hope you are feeling better!