Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Before I have any readers, I feel the need to explain the somewhat anonymous nature of my blog. There are 3 reasons:

1. Setting a good example. I have spoken to my children at length about being safe on the internet. Not sharing personal information like their name and address, so I want to practice a bit of what I preach.

2. Previous wierd internet experiences. Like the time I sold some cloth diapers on eBay only to 6 months later get a picture of a grown man wearing them. Eeew. This made it really hit home with me that creeepy people are out there.

3. I'm paranoid. It's genetic, all the women in my family suffer from it.

So, I will be coming up with cute nicknames for my family and you won't be seeing any pics of them standing in front of their elementary school.

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Ruby's Mom said...

It is scary not knowing who all is looking at your blog.I know I worry about it some,too.
The diaper guy incident is very strange!