Sunday, December 28, 2008

Something Naughty, Something Nice

Ok, I'll tell you the naughty story first. Swatcho will be 7 next month and is reading pretty well. She is half way through the Calvert first grade phonics program. Today we were driving past an Arby's and I hear her say "New Year's Eve W**res" Whoa! What? Then big sister says "no, New Year's Eve hours." Oh, ok. I resumed breathing at that point.

Now for the nice. We were returning some things at Target yesterday. The girls waited nicely on the bench while Goldie sat in the cart. The couple in front of us had a baby sleeping in his carseat. Goldie looks at me, signs baby, points at the baby, and signs baby again. The sweetness of it all just carries me away. She is 21 months and I have been signing to her since she was 7 months. She has signed baby before, but I am seeing her first attempts at using signs to COMMUNICATE not just immitate. Another one that melts my heart is the sign for milk. She is using that when she wants to nurse. Or when she just wants an excuse to get out of the cart. Too smart.

Here is a picture of her watching Signing Time. It is the only thing she will watch.

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Lisa said...

Are you still nursing her? That is so wonderful!