Monday, December 22, 2008

More About Me

I'm writing here to keep a promise I made to a friend. One of my friends asked me to promise that I would write about Goldie and how amazing she is. Everyone should have friends like mine. When I think of Goldie's birth, 21 months ago, I think of how supportive our friends were. They did so much for us. From cleaning my stove and folding laundry to bringing us food and groceries.

I seldom read blogs before Goldie was born. I was homeschooling her sisters, so sometimes I would read a homeschooling blog. Well, after she was diagnosed with Down Syndrome I wanted to read about families that were raising their child with DS. (I was not impressed with what some of the books were telling me.) I needed to SEE what their lives were like, what their kids were doing, and how DS fit into their day to day life.

I already had two children and was very set in my ways as far as parenting goes. I needed to know that my parenting style was right for my baby. I worried that the cloth diapers and riding in the Ergo would make her froggy legs worse. I wondered if I would be able to forgo rice cereal and pureed baby foods as I had with her sister. Would I be able to homeschool her? I needed some reassurance that I was the right mama for her. So, I googled "down syndrome attachment parenting". That is how I found Emma Sage. Which led to me other blogs (listed in the side bar) that I have been following anonymously, until now.


Lisa said...

I hope you get as much out of sharing your experiences with the blogging community as I have. I look forward to following you :)

Ruby's Mom said...

I also have wondered about using my Ergo!Do you use it?I also homeschool my children and plan on homeschooling Ruby.I found a great group on yahoo for homeschoolers of children with DS.

Cheri said...

I, like you, never blogged before my little one with Down syndrome came along. In fact he was 1 and a half before I found the Gifts website and could not get enough of the personal blogs that feed into that site. As a result I started a blog in August and it has been so neat connecting with other families walking this path, as you too have found! Are you familiar with ??

I found your blog because of the comment you left on Sarah's blog...I loved your comment about hoping the pranksters got frost bite!!! :)

Your daughters are beautiful!!