Monday, January 26, 2009

25 Things About Me

I was tagged for this on Facebook, so here it is. I changed some just so I don't seem too lazy.

1. I married my husband exactly one week after my 21st birthday. We’ve been married 12 years now.

2. My favorite color to wear is brown, I liked it way before it was cool. I’m stocking up on brown shirts now.

3. I’m addicted to CafĂ© Vienna, one of the General Food International coffees

4. I had post-partum depression after Goldie was born. I finally got help when she was 8 months old. I think it had more to do with losing 3 family members than it did with the DS.

5. In the last 10 years there have only been two months that I wasn’t pregnant or breastfeeding.

6. During those 2 months I got completely trashed at a wedding and am still embarrassed by my behavior.

7. When we decided to have a third child, we were thinking with our hearts not our heads. It’s a good thing, since my heart does most of the work.

8. I spent 6 months in the United States Marine Corps, until I fractured my pelvic bone.

9. I’ve stopped trying to have the perfect marriage. We do what works for us and I’m happy with that.

10. I was late for church this morning. Even worse, I only went because Swatcho made me. Then, she complained through the entire service while Goldie kept trying to escape.

11. Half of my family lives in Vermont, my mom is from there. I also have family in Mississippi and Texas that I have never met.

12. I enjoy mowing the grass because it’s a sure fire way to get time to myself.

13. I shot my neighbor’s dog in self-defense. No it didn’t die. Yes, I called the Dog Officer, 6 times.

14. I’ve been thinking about getting another tattoo.

15. I never got a college degree. Sometimes that bothers me, but that also means its still an option.

16. Ever since my Jr. High music teacher had us watch My Fair Lady, I’ve been a fan of musicals. My husband is not. Thank goodness I have girls.

17. I love hanging clothes outside to dry.

18. I worked for as a mail carrier between Swatcho and Goldie. Sometimes, when it’s nice out, I miss delivering mail. It was so nice to drive around by myself listening to the radio.

19. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I like to be alone. I’m an introvert; my husband thinks I’m a bitch antisocial. It just depends on the situation.

20. I get migraines from red wine and aspartame.

21. I love cinnamon and dark chocolate.

22. I’m an information junkie. I question everything and research like crazy before making decisions.

23. All the stuff I need to know to care for a child with special needs overwhelms me. Sometimes, I think maybe ignorance really is bliss.

24. I always knew I would have a child with special needs. When I found out Goldie had Down syndrome, in a strange way, it felt right. Everything in my life had led to that moment and prepared me to be her mother.

25. I suck at putting my kids to bed. Goldie is sleeping in the recliner right now, and the other two slept in the living room all weekend.

Me on my 30th birthday with Swatcho and her friend.


Jennifer said...

I love reading these, I always learn so much about people! Thanks for sharing it! We have several things in common.

SunflowerMom said...

I love reading these, too! I so whole heartedly agree with #9. SOme of the parts of my marriage are not want others would do, but they seem to be working for us right now. We just try to hang in there and make things work the best we can.