Sunday, January 18, 2009

Well, I Never

thought I would turn around and see this:

Yup, she climbed up there all by herself. She is sooo ready to turn 2 in a couple months. (Edit: This is a supervised re-enactment of the actual first time she climbed on the table. Swatcho took this photo and I cropped myself out. All small chairs have since been removed and placed in a secure area. I do not enjoy trips to the E.R.)

I would love to say this pic was taken in the playroom, but I can't. Its our living room. I took the Christmas tree down this week and brought out the play kitchen. We have a playroom in the basement, but between the gas heater and the cement floors, I don't feel safe letting her play down there. Anyway, it gives the big girls a baby-free zone to play in. My house has been taken over by everything from Little Tikes to Littlest Pet Shop.

Goldie's favorite way to cook food? Just nuke it! I didn't realize I used the microwave so much.

She can barely reach it, but the Wii board gives her just the boost she needs.


My name is Sarah said...

Oh my what a big girl. Be careful on that table.

Beverly said...

She is so sweet!

Ruby's Mom said...

I love her hair!