Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sisters Rock

Its moments like these I wish I had a sister growing up. I never felt that way until I had kids. I often think how nice it would be to if I could pick up the phone and have a sister to call. I've had some friends that come close though. And my brother is the best so I'm lucky there, too. I hope my girls always stay close.


SunflowerMom said...

How cute are they! I have two sisters (I'm the middle child) and I really thought I'd have two girls. That said, I love seeing my boys grow as brothers together and the relationship they are growing with their baby sister is beautiful too.

Sean is a big music lover, he especially loves listening to music on Doug's iPod or Aidan's mp3 player. When we took a road trip to WV last summer, Sean was content to sit there and listen to music for long stretches.

SunflowerMom said...

Hey, I wanted to emai you this link, but don't see that you have email attached to your blog. I updated my "AP" slideshow today & thought you might like to see it.

I use it as my siggie on diaperswappers and mothering forums but haven't posted it on my blog. Hope you like it!

Beverly said...

What sweet pictures! I have three sisters and it is so nice to have them. It is nice having two brothers too!