Thursday, January 1, 2009

On The Move

Goldie is walking everywhere now. It has quickly become her favorite way to get around. The funny thing is she started walking before she could stand well or get up to standing on her own. But,she can do both now.

A couple days after Christmas it was above freezing so the big girls wanted to roller blade on the driveway. Mini Me insisted that Goldie needed to come out and watch them. She was right. Goldie joined right in walking around the driveway.

Here she is zooming right by me.

The Frankenstein Walk. Don't mind the pile of dead stuff. That is where the tree was that fell on our garage this fall.

Goldie goes to playgroup once a month and enjoys all the cars and trucks there. So, my dad got her this big truck to push around. Hank corrected me, it is actually a uke. Anyway, pushing it outside will give her practice walking over different types of surfaces. And she can fill it up with goodies she finds along the way. Not to mention we need a change from shopping carts and baby doll strollers. Her sisters like to put her in the uke and push her back and forth.


JaybirdNWA said...

What a great toy for her. Very functional. It sounds like you guys are doing well with her. I agree that siblings are one of the best motivators for each other.

Beverly said...

She looks like she likes the uke. I didnt know that is what it is called, But, Noah has one too and he like us to push him around in it. Happy New Year!

COOLWHIP said...

I found your blog when Cheryl found me. I noticed you have chickens too. And a child with DS, too. My daughter is 3 1/2 and #4 of my 5 kids. Maybe I could "pick" your brain about chicken sometime.... If you jump to my blog, you'll see we are having some problems.

SunflowerMom said...

cool uke! I have boys and didn't know that was the name of it. They like to build tall sky scrappers out of duplos (OT!) then plow it down with our big Tonka truck (PT!) LOL

Lovin Mama said...

My husband is all about trucks (he drives hazmat tanker) and heavy equipment. He gets all starry eyed when we pass a construction site.