Friday, January 9, 2009

Weekly Wrap-up

Well, we ended the week on a high note. Everyone is currently healthy. Goldie was a little anemic when her last bloodwork was done, but that seems to be improving.Her cheeks have more color, so I'm hopeful that the next round of bloodwork will show an improvement. Our little carnivore must have consumed at least 1/2 a cup of taco meat at dinner tonight. Along with some O.J. for optimal iron absorption.

I upgraded our DSL and installed the new router, with a little help from NetGear. Hank replaced our good 'ol rabbit ears with a new HDTV antenna and Goldie was able to watch Sesame Street for the first time.

Goldie spent time with all 4 of her therapists this week, after a 2 week break for the holidays. Our service co-ordinator brought the paperwork yesterday to increase OT to every week and decrease PT to every other. Goldie sorted blue and yellow blocks into containers with the Vision therapist today. This is something the VT thought she was ready for and I have to say I've been surprised, again, by what Goldie can do.

I even remembered to run the dishwasher after dinner 3 days in a row! The kids love it when they don't have to wash spoons before they eat their morning oatmeal.

I thought I'd post this pic just 'cause I like it.


Lisa said...

What a lovely picture!

Ruby's Mom said...

Your girls are gorgeous!